This is a post about portable document…

…format. Otherwise we would be considering printouts. Which is not the case. As mentioned I store my notes in a non-accessible manner. This means I rarely (if ever) reread them. In the summer of 2011 I scanned all the notes I had taken during my first year and sorted them into files on my computer. The following summer I did not do this, due to not having looked at those notes or scans since the previous scanning session, which took a couple of days.

Emilie told me that her sister (not Marie, another one) had spent a lot of time and money searching for the best note taking/PDF reading app currently on the market. Apparently it is Notability. Another honourable mention for Malene, as she managed to find an app which can open word documents, Goodnotes.

I shall be trying these out over the summer to see whether or not I think they are worth using when the next academic year rolls around (which is always sooner rather than later).


So far I have tried Notability and I really like it. One thing worth mentioning is that the app will not be fully satisfying unless you have a stylus! Two rather clever functions that I am enjoying at the moment are

  1. Ability to merge several PDFs into one (this is useful when downloading books via the university library as they are only available as individual chapters)
  2. Ability to export PDF with scribbles on it