A CFW goodie bag

Anna invited me to a fashion show yesterday. The show was by designer David Andersen and since I didn’t bother to charge or bring my camera all I have are terrible iPhone pictures. The hair was insane! Straight across fringes for the male models and nearly floor length ponytails (obviously extensions) for the female models. I didn’t get a good view of the makeup from where I was standing so I can’t really comment on that.

Prior to the show I hung out with Anna and Krille in Central Copenhagen which was fun. They had been to see a show by designer Barbara I Gongini. I’ve seen a little bit of footage from that show (it was playing on a big screen) and the hair and makeup was insane! They brought me a goodie bag from that show (which was very generous of them) and here’s what it contains:

So as is quite evident from the bag there are TONI&GUY products:

I can’t say that much about the Mens Styling Fibre besides that I’m giving it to my boyfriend, who uses those kinds of products. I’m going to compare theĀ Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray to L’oreal Elnett to see if it has good holding power. Finally there’s a Sea Salt Spray which don’t tend to work for my hair but maybe this one’s lucky.

Next up are two eye related products:

An organic eye serum and a MAC mascara. Mascara is a product I don’t tend to splurge on so it’ll be interesting to see how this performs compared to what I’m used to. QUA is a brand I’ve never heard of before. A quick google search reveals that it’s a Danish brand which is certified by Ecocert. The last part makes me less weary of it as organic brands aren’t necessarily regulated like ‘normal’ beauty brands. I’ve promised Anna she can have it if it doesn’t work out for me.

The final product is rather unique:

This is a foaming shower gel from Dutch brand Rituals. Now, I’m not usually one for shower gel except if I’m showering at the gym; I’m a bar soap kinda gal but this is definitely going to be the first thing from this goodie bag I try. Shower foam. It’s just too quirky to ignore! (Potentially, if I like it but can’t stand the smell I could try making something similar from my bar soap.)

As is seen by the pictures this is a very bountiful gift and I’m excited to try everything!