Stationery solutions: the Marie

I have seen many a post out there in the Blogosphere concerning cute notebooks/pads and where to purchase them. Fine and dandy as that is, I would like to gather the combined writing wisdom of my fellow students, with attributions in the form of names.

Marie writes in her books. My grandfather taught me that this was a sin and I do not indulge in this behaviour, but it is her book and she paid for it, so who am I to judge? She uses the standard student method of highlighting in the books which is not really that interesting (but it is a means of colour coding, which I will mention later). On top of, or rather beside, the notes and the highlight she will add tiny red question marks by parts of the text she does not understand. She then enquires about the subject the question mark points to. When she feels she has understood it she erases the mark by friction!

If that is not cool, I do not know what is… I feel I should mention that Marie uses a Muji pen (costs a bit more but looks much nicer in my opinion):


For those of you with a propensity for burning your notes, here is a video from the Magic Squares, which could (provided you write on a similar material to playing cards) mean you save money on paper: