Frozen solid

A couple of months ago I asked my sister to get me some Big Solid Conditioner and some Fresh Farmacy from Lush since she was heading there anyway. The lady in the shop would only offer fairly large pieces, refusing to cut them smaller even after my sister asked nicely. This meant I was left with sizeable chunks of product.

When I saw their overwhelming size, I decided I was going to cut them myself to make them more manageable. Then I got the idea of freezing the portions I wasn’t planning on using right away. I figured it might help preserve the product and since they were solid bars I didn’t expect their physical qualities to be changed by the freezing. I froze the excess in its original packaging.

Below is what the conditioner looked like after defrosting in the fridge for a day, followed by a day of further thawing outside of the fridge. I compared it with the remaining stub of the original, non-frozen half that I had been using in the meantime and they were pretty much similar in looks and touch.

Now that I have used both halfs in a similar manner, I can report that it did turn out that the properties of the once frozen one were changed slightly. The non-frozen one lasted five weeks while the defrosted half lasted around three weeks. However, the non-frozen one was hard to use initially while the defrosted half was more malleable from the get go.

Ultimately I’d say that if you don’t live near a Lush and you’re worried your conditioner bar will become mouldy before you can use it, you should freeze it. If you have the option of buying a replacement when you run out, you should consider whether you like the initial acclimation period of using it. In terms of the face soap bar, I’m still on the first round of Fresh Farmacy so I haven’t got any results on that yet.