My current favourite breakfast

I moved to Germany two thirds into last month, so I stayed at a hotel for the first week and a bit. The best part about living in a hotel besides having someone clean your room is having a whole buffet’s worth of breakfast options! After the novelty of having such a vast offering of breakfast items wore off I ended up settling on yoghurt with oats and fruit cocktail (didn’t see any fresh fruit) as my morning fuel.

I’ve been recreating this type of breakfast at home. It’s quick, easy, tasty and filling – four traits any good breakfast should have. I’ve substituted the fruit cocktail with fruit that’s not bathed in syrup and the oats with everyone’s favourite anti-masturbatory aid; cornflakes. I opted for a variant of cereal I could also eat with milk if I’m running low on yoghurt. I’m not quite Danish enough to start eating raw porridge any time soon.

Below are three variants I’m particularly fond of at the moment; banana, kiwi, and plum:

So that’s natural yoghurt, some type of crunch and some type of flavour, layered in that order. Try it – it’s good!