Stationery solutions: the Malene

I have seen many a post out there in the Blogosphere concerning cute notebooks/pads and where to purchase them. Fine and dandy as that is, I would like to gather the combined writing wisdom of my fellow students, with attributions in the form of names.

I have yet to mention pencils. Personally, I use them for calculations. Nothing else! I tried writing notes in pencil during my first year of university – as a result these notes are barely readable. They reside in the back of a cupboard all smudgy and grey. Which is useless both in terms of reachability and readability.

Now, upon calculating chances are you will make a mistake. This is where the rubber enters the blogpost:

This rubber is by Staedtler. Malene informed us of its existence. She refers to it as ‘the little green rubber which is PVC free’. She herself has one and swears by it, which has led to a lot of us purchasing one.

It seems to be doing quite a good job (and the campus book shop sells it for hardly any money)!