Copenhagen Dining Week

Last weekend my sister and I went to Copenhagen Dining Week. It’s a festival celebrating food sponsored by San Pellegrino and a food magazine called Copenhagen Food. For a set price you get a set menu at one of the participating restaurants. Obviously, the popular ones sell out pretty much immediately. We chose The Italian as some of the other places had bizarre items on the menu.

We booked a table for lunch. The set menu for the Italian was a three-course deal. The first course was a grilled tuna steak with an avocado cream. It’s hiding underneath the fennel in the picture but it was in no way overshadowed by the other elements of the meal. They complemented each other well.

The main course was veal sirloin on a bed of potato compote and supported by roast boretta onions, tomatoes and a marsala-based sauce.

The dessert course consisted of a passionfruit tart with Italian meringue on top, mascarpone sorbet and caramelised white chocolate. One of my theories is that you can make everything more delicious by adding cheese (the right type of cheese, mind) which is also the case for ice cream! The tart had the perfect amount of smoothness.

My sister and I agreed that we would definitely go there again. If not for next year’s Dining Week then before.

The Italian
Vester Voldgade 25, 1552 KĂžbenhavn V