New under the sun

Since the weather has been so lovely in Copenhagen recently, I’ve been to the pharmacy and stocked up on sun protection:

I bought a new facial suncream from La Roche-Posay (SPF50) since I gave what was left of my other one to my dad (I believe). I use Vichy Capital Soleil (SPF30) as a body suncream so I bought a sunstick from Vichy (SPF50) for top ups. Thus far I’ve mainly used it as a lip balm. Speaking of lip balms, I am running out on the Avène lip balm my boyfriend let me borrow (his version)/let me have (my version). It has got to the point where I am scooping the remains out of the bottom of the tube.

Avène is a brand I used to stop my AD flaring up on a holiday once, on recommendation from a French pharmacist in the Alps in late 2008. Since their products seem to work well for my skin, I bought their Thermal Spring Water. This reminds me of Evian’s mineral water spray which my parents used to buy on summer holidays. I was a child at the time and had a habit of sneakily spraying it into my mouth in order to drink it. That is quite possibly the most expensive drink of water I have ever had (and definitely the most ridiculous)!