On the go beauty: Scünci fringe cut clip

Let’s face it, there’s not always time for an appointment with the hairdresser. If, like me, you are self conscious about pinning your fringe back – I’ve found just the thing to keep the fringe going for a while longer. Here are some before and after shots from the first time I tried this device:

So what exactly is the device? Well, as seen below, a piece of plastic you clip on your fringe then cut along. I’ve found it takes a bit of practice (and I have updated to better scissors a couple of times) but it sure beats the times I’ve cut my hair without having any guidance.

Getting rid of books: method two, use the library

Following the Jonah Lehrer scandal of 2012, I suddenly had some books I no longer wanted:

As I mentioned in this post, I am not the biggest fan of throwing stuff out when there are better options regarding getting rid of stuff and decluttering. This partly explains why I owned a copy of ‘The Story of Stuff’. (As a side note my friend Jing gave me ‘Cradle to Cradle’ for my birthday one year and it is such an interesting concept!)

These white boxes exist in the part of Copenhagen where my parents live. They may not look like much but here’s how they work: They are owned by the library and the idea is that you can leave unwanted books in the hopes that someone else will come by and give them a home. As we all know, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure:

Here’s a link (it’s in Danish), which gives you the following locations:

Du kan finde bogbørsen her:

  • I Ordrup (Ordrup Park ved Morescovej og Ordupvej)
  • I Jægersborg (På Ibstrup Torv for enden af Jægersborg Allé)
  • I Hellerup (på det grønne område mellem Ahlmanns Allé og Duntzfelts Allé)
  • I Vangede (ved Dan Turèlls Plads) 
  • I Dyssegård (ved Dyssegårdsskolen)

Smartpen: First impressions

Well, I mean, these aren’t technically my first impressions as I first heard about these types of pen three years ago. It is also not the first time I experience such a pen; one of the more proofladen courses used pencasts, or indeed the first time I try such a pen; for one of my exams they made us use a Logitech IO2, which occured about three months ago. I currently own a Livescribe Echo (8GB). I’ve owned it since the beginning of July but only really used it since the beginning of September, so for a couple of weeks thus far. My main reasoning for purchasing this pen (besides the fact that it suddenly came on offer, and I’m a sucker for those) was the fact that it can record both sound and text.

However it can also play sound attached to text and I have thus far experienced three mishaps of the kind where I’m idly taking notes and suddenly everyone in the room can hear the pen playing audio. Admittedly, the first time this happened could be called my own fault as I was trying to get my money’s worth out of the paper, hence, scribbling all over it; not just in designated areas. Since then I’ve been wary to avoid the bottom of the page and it still happens every now and then (on average once a week, which is terribly high). I have also experienced that it stops recording while I’m using it – no idea what causes that.

Another error I’ve had to come to face with recently is this:

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.46.14 which basically means your audio has not been transferred from the pen to the computer.

Things I find worth considering moving forward in these endeavours:

  • Is it best to stick with what I already have, i.e. Livescribe?
  • Or swap to the other product I’ve tried, i.e. IO2?
  • Would it be better with a product which doesn’t actually need its own special paper, e.g. the Staedtler Digital Pen?
    (I’m seriously tempted to try this!)
  • Do I want to create spreadsheets and write emails via a pen instead of a computer (or phone/tablet), e.g. the Oxford Easybook?
  • Or do I instead plan on giving snazzy presentations, e.g. Oxford Papershow?
  • Do I go back to regular pens and just buy a dictaphone instead, e.g. Olympus VN-713PC?
  • How important is audio for courses without oral exams?

I found that the ink ran out after a week and the starter notebook lasted just over two, which means this is not really an economically feasible way for me to take notes.

One positive thing I’ve managed to gather from this entire experience is that not being worried about missing out on little oral tidbits of knowledge means I spend more time listening to my TA/lecturer than scribbling frantically, which in turn means I spend more time understanding what is being said.


Getting rid of books: method one, go down the pub

My parents took my sister and me out to lunch (three months ago) at the Bishops Arms. The Bishops Arms is a Swedish chain of English inspired pubs. That does sound slightly odd but it is a lovely place.

As you may be able to tell it is quite a spacious venue. This is especially nice if you go there in the evening. Note the abundance of books! That speaks to my heart. On the mention of an abundance of books – and as the title suggests – I, myself, do own too many books.

One of my worst habits is buying books. Sometimes books are sold so cheaply you can buy one, read it and toss it afterwards with no harm done economically (but obviously there comes some ecological harm with that kind of behaviour). This poses the question of how to free oneself from books without the books being classified as ‘rubbish’ and disposed of. The best way of getting rid of books would obviously be in such a manner that other people have the opportunity to adopt the abandoned ones. This pub is such a place! You cannot take their books home but you can swap your own books for ones on the shelves.

So we went home, grabbed a bag of books, went back to the pub and exchanged them for two textbooks I found near the back of their library. I am my own enabler… But the swap ratio was something like 7:2, so here’s hoping I might get there eventually; there being a place with only the creme de la creme of my current book collection.

The Bishops Arms
Ny Østergade 14, 1164 København K

On the go beauty: no7 lash and brow pro

I am constantly on the look out for products and tools that will enable me to get more sleep. I am also seeking out products that do not take up too much space, as I already have to lug a lot of stuff around with me (pads, pens, laptop, textbooks, purse, planner etc.) on a daily basis. With this in mind I was happy to discover the no7 lash and brow pro. I can get away with a subpar mascara application* with this bad boy:

I should mention that I used to have a plastic lash comb but it got moved from bag to bag one too many times and the bristles broke. This one seems not only more durable but also has increased protection, what with the folding it into itself.

I have yet to use the brow spoolie but I figure it will be there when I need it. One less thing to pack and/or think about.

*you know,those freaky spider lashes that occur when you put on too much product at once.

Primary pen?

A fortnight ago I purchased two Berol Handwriting pens, a pen that has not been in my possession since primary school! The main reason I haven’t owned one since is that I feel they were forced upon me; they were on our stationery supplies list. I’ve grown out of that stupid idea since then and I figure maybe, just maybe, the adults of my day knew what a good pen was:

I must have the world’s sweatiest palms though, check out how much of the logo has already rubbed off:

Quick fix solution

Yesterday I went to my good friend Monika’s house warming. I was in the middle of getting ready when I suddenly realised that a string had come undone on one of the shoulders! My mother helped me get out of the frock without losing any sequins (Wonder Woman) and then helped secure them with a needle and thread. She then suggested I spray both shoulders with hairspray in an attempt to keep everything in place until today where I have the time to do damage control.

This left me just enough time to get back in the dress, remove the chipped remains of my nail polish and scoot out the front door.

Masking traditional ways of thinking about beauty in favour of new ideas

Holy long title, Batman!

I recently decided to try something new: applying more than one face mask to my face at any one time. As may be the case for most people, different parts of my face need different types of TLC. For instance, my chin and the areas beside my eyes are very red and prone to bouts of acne, while most of my face is exceedingly dry. On top of that I suffer from AD (mine is for the most part quite manageable, thank God).

The black mask is Boots’ No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask and the beigy-grey-type one, that for some reason seems to be drying with splodges, is The Bodyshop’s Nutriganics Smoothing Mask, and yes – I know I missed a spot in front of my right ear.

After I had peeled part of my face off and washed the rest off, I turned to my bedside heroes; E45 and Sudocrem:

These creams worked wonders for my skin when I was younger, which is exactly why I keep returning to them; they still do! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Experimenting too much with products when you have a skin condition and allergies is a recipe for disaster…

During Winter (and periods with very dry skin) I can recommend Neribase, which is just a very moisturising cream without a whole bunch of strange additives. Simple as they come.

Addendum stationery solutions: the Line

Line informed me of the existence of a highlighter-version of the type of pen Marie uses. It does not erase quite as well as the red pen and its colour is slightly darker than a ‘regular’ highlighter (or, at least, the yellow ones):

I think it is a clever invention! However, I think I will stick to regular highlighter pens for my highlighting needs…

Stationery solutions: the Jing

I have seen many a post out there in the Blogosphere concerning cute notebooks/pads and where to purchase them. Fine and dandy as that is, I would like to gather the combined writing wisdom of my fellow students, with attributions in the form of names.

The Jing ignores the need for a cute notebook (or paper of any kind, really) and instead heads straight to the window*:

This, my friends, is liquid chalk and it is ridiculously cool! It comes as a pen and can be found in smaller sizes than the ones I use (for instance, Jing uses a so-called Nagamarker which is fine-tipped).

You shake the pen (it will make a ‘clicky’ sound) and then press its tip against something until the chalk starts running:These pens are water soluble so cleaning is no hassle. I have yet to try these babies on an actual chalkboard as I am (somewhat ironically) worried about leaving a chalk residue. For the time being I will stick to what Danes refer to as a ‘chalk-holder’ (kridtholder) – this helps you avoid that dry palm feeling chalk dust brings.

*actually she has a mirrored wall, but you get the point…