An advertising style that works on chumps like me

I missed out on something during this years Edinburgh festival. Actually I probably missed out on lots of things since there was so much going on but that’s not the point of this post. I missed out on Barry! I think the Barry I missed out on is the Barry Experience. Here are the two shows that had the word Barry in the title:



The reason I’m interested in Barry is that he was plastered all over Edinburgh! Here are all the instances I managed to find (with some help from my sister):

I would really like to know if the show was as self-depricating as the advertising for it makes it seem. I guess I’ll never know…

Bigger is not always better

I can’t always be bothered to put a full face of makeup on. If my only plans for the day are university related I sometimes opt for a few minutes extra sleep in the morning. As a result of this combined with not wearing a lot of makeup when I do wear it I don’t usually need  much more than an eye makeup remover to take it off at the end of the day.

I used to use the Sephora one on the left; it’s cheap and it works for me. I’ve recently been using the Body Shop one on the right, which seems to perform reasonably well. I wouldn’t want anything particularly bigger than either of these bottles as they’re travel sized (by which I mean they meet the liquid requirements for going in my hand luggage) and travel usually brings with it other opportunities that make me not want to cover my entire face in slap. This is not to say I don’t like wearing makeup! It just so happens that sometimes situations occur where it isn’t necessarily my top priority…

Sweet deals on food

I’m an avid fan of spicy food. I also like a good cocktail. Anyone who has lived with me can vouch for those two statements. Another thing I definitely can’t complain about is a bargain. Combine all these and you can understand why The Candy Bar appeals to me.

I cannot remember what the inside decor looks like. I seem to remember that it’s not nearly as green as outside. Our meal consisted of shared starters (the non-obvious one is breaded mushrooms)

After this we had (slightly delayed due to festival madness) our lunches – there was a choice between fajitas and chill con carne. I went for the latter. With it I had a Cherry Coke which is a bourbon-based cocktail with coke and cherry liquor (their entire cocktail menu can be found here).

I mean, this could have been a cheaper meal if we had skipped the starters and the cocktail (it cost more than the food!). Either way it was a delicious and filling meal that didn’t break the bank.

The Candy Bar
113-115 George St, Edinburgh

Every now and then you just need your mum

Sometimes I really feel like eating a pie – and by sometimes I mean on average once a week. I blame this on having a palate which enjoys pastry.  I used to go to a place called Monster Mash on Forrest Road to alleviate these cravings. Now I go to a place called MUMS Comfort Food also on Forrest Road. I seem to remember both Monster Mash and MUMS being there at the same time, so I thought I’d Google them both to find out whether I was right and if so what happened since only one is left.

Here’s the initial thing I found out: Yes, there were two pie cafés on the same street. So it turns out MUMS survived while Monster Mash is no more. This bodes well for my recollection skills. Since I am rather childish I imagined a that there had been a huge bust up (alternatively read this as food fight, if your sense of humour is as awful as mine) between Monster Mash and MUMS but the truth is actually slightly more interesting (here is a link).

This is the second thing I discovered (via the link provided): MUMS is apparently the original Monster Mash and the other Monster Mash that used to be on Forrest Road was a copy. Blimey! Now I feel bad for going to the faux Monster Mash in the first place.

Getting back to the topic of location, I should mention that Forrest Road is in close proximity to Bristo Square. In August this is where the Underbelly and Guilded Balloon box offices are located, which explains why I have quite a few meals close to this particular part of Edinburgh.  Here is a picture of a delicious one from MUMS:

MUMS Comfort Food
4A Forrest Road, Edinburgh

Using exams as an excuse to shop

Due to having half semesters my university grants you one or two weeks crunch time before an exam. During this final sprint pretty much the only thing I buy is food. Since I’ve been a post graduate student I’ve bought myself a small ‘pat-on-the-back’ present after each round of exams. Last time I purchased two products to help get through future exams: tea tree oil for the stress induced breakouts I get all over my face and Peace of mind because Meg made it sound amazing.

This time in order to celebrate having finished another year at university I bought a lip balm – at least that was half of the explanation. The other excuse I’m using is the fact that I have used up two lip balms recently.

As an aside, how on earth do beauty gurus keep their products looking so nice? Mine always look haggard when I’m done using them.

New under the sun

Since the weather has been so lovely in Copenhagen recently, I’ve been to the pharmacy and stocked up on sun protection:

I bought a new facial suncream from La Roche-Posay (SPF50) since I gave what was left of my other one to my dad (I believe). I use Vichy Capital Soleil (SPF30) as a body suncream so I bought a sunstick from Vichy (SPF50) for top ups. Thus far I’ve mainly used it as a lip balm. Speaking of lip balms, I am running out on the Avène lip balm my boyfriend let me borrow (his version)/let me have (my version). It has got to the point where I am scooping the remains out of the bottom of the tube.

Avène is a brand I used to stop my AD flaring up on a holiday once, on recommendation from a French pharmacist in the Alps in late 2008. Since their products seem to work well for my skin, I bought their Thermal Spring Water. This reminds me of Evian’s mineral water spray which my parents used to buy on summer holidays. I was a child at the time and had a habit of sneakily spraying it into my mouth in order to drink it. That is quite possibly the most expensive drink of water I have ever had (and definitely the most ridiculous)!

Current palette


Here’s what I have going for me on the eyeshadow front at the moment: All but three of the shades from Sleek’s iDivine palette in Storm (right), the entirety of the no7 Stay Perfect eyeshadow trio in Cappuccino (top left), Maybelline Eyestudio’s Mono Eyeshadow in the colour Chocolate Chic (rectangular) and two colours from an old no7 palette – the Lisa Eldridge one which resembles the Senna Haute Nudes palettes – or maybe it’s the other way around – (bottom left). It may not be this little baby from the popular Naked line but it’s good enough for me.

Above is the remains of the no7 palette in question. Please excuse the fact that there is eyeshadow in the lip glosses of this palette (I don’t use them, so I figure it’s fine). I’m not getting rid of this just yet as I quite like the blush and highlighter.

Here’s what happened: I grabbed my newly acquired UNII palette, a hairdryer and the eyeshadows mentioned and deported everything I wanted to move. The UNII palette is a so called ‘freedom’ palette which is an awfully strong word to be attaching to a make up product. I opted for this instead of the equally celebrated Z palette since it has a mirror and seems sturdier. I don’t know how much decluttering this has actually helped me with and how much of it was an excuse for me to play around with melting glue but I’m enjoying the product none the less.

P.S. the Sleek shadows are the only ones which needed extra magnetic help in regards to staying put in the UNII palette.

Shaving like someone’s grandad

Although not any of mine, as far as I can remember. Here’s what I can remember regarding my grandfathers’ shaving habits: My maternal grandfather used an electric shaver, as did my paternal grandfather, when he wasn’t busy using a straight razor! I remember quite vividly seeing that last one, so either it’s true or I’ve had a very strange imagination as a child. I can live with both of those options.

Here’s what happened: I read this xoVain post, decided I wanted to try it, and gave it a go.

This endeavour is a paternal grandfatherly light shave, since it requires shaving soap. At the same time he didn’t shave his legs.

I feel it should be mentioned that it is in no way necessary that anyone shaves any part of their body. What people decide to do in this regard is their own choice, which should be respected. Having said that, I adore the feeling of having smooth legs.

I’ve tried pretty much every hair removal technique out there: epilating (too painful), waxing (too long a wait), hair removal cream (too chemically laden) and shaving. Since I have what we can call a Snow White look (alabaster skin and dark hair; my Celtic genes beat the Scandinavian ones) I tried IPL under my arms which didn’t work! So I stick to shaving.

I’ve decided to compare this ‘new’ method of shaving (new to me) with what I usually do:

First up, I decided to put fresh blades on both razors. This is a fairly easy procedure; click a new head on the Gillette and twist the head of the safety razor off:

The end result didn’t seem all that different but the procedure did. I went against the grain with the Gillette and with the grain with the safety razor. As far as I understand you’re supposed to go both directions with the safety razor. With this in mind it would be worth trying again doing exactly that.

A CFW goodie bag

Anna invited me to a fashion show yesterday. The show was by designer David Andersen and since I didn’t bother to charge or bring my camera all I have are terrible iPhone pictures. The hair was insane! Straight across fringes for the male models and nearly floor length ponytails (obviously extensions) for the female models. I didn’t get a good view of the makeup from where I was standing so I can’t really comment on that.

Prior to the show I hung out with Anna and Krille in Central Copenhagen which was fun. They had been to see a show by designer Barbara I Gongini. I’ve seen a little bit of footage from that show (it was playing on a big screen) and the hair and makeup was insane! They brought me a goodie bag from that show (which was very generous of them) and here’s what it contains:

So as is quite evident from the bag there are TONI&GUY products:

I can’t say that much about the Mens Styling Fibre besides that I’m giving it to my boyfriend, who uses those kinds of products. I’m going to compare the Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray to L’oreal Elnett to see if it has good holding power. Finally there’s a Sea Salt Spray which don’t tend to work for my hair but maybe this one’s lucky.

Next up are two eye related products:

An organic eye serum and a MAC mascara. Mascara is a product I don’t tend to splurge on so it’ll be interesting to see how this performs compared to what I’m used to. QUA is a brand I’ve never heard of before. A quick google search reveals that it’s a Danish brand which is certified by Ecocert. The last part makes me less weary of it as organic brands aren’t necessarily regulated like ‘normal’ beauty brands. I’ve promised Anna she can have it if it doesn’t work out for me.

The final product is rather unique:

This is a foaming shower gel from Dutch brand Rituals. Now, I’m not usually one for shower gel except if I’m showering at the gym; I’m a bar soap kinda gal but this is definitely going to be the first thing from this goodie bag I try. Shower foam. It’s just too quirky to ignore! (Potentially, if I like it but can’t stand the smell I could try making something similar from my bar soap.)

As is seen by the pictures this is a very bountiful gift and I’m excited to try everything!

German taxi app

I went to Berlin for NYE 2013. We stayed in the Schöneberg part, close to Nollendorfplatz which I would definitely recommend. Ultimately, there came a time when we had to head back to Denmark – this always happens at the end of a holiday – and as such, we had to book a cab. I had contemplating calling a company and ordering a car for the next morning but having smartphones and all, I downloaded an app instead:

20140106-014806 pm.jpg

As you can see, the app is called In theory (or at least, according to the developers) this app should also work in Copenhagen. I am probably not going to test that out because taxis are – as are most other things – very expensive here. The concept is simple, the app locates where you are and you order a taxi:

20140106-014814 pm.jpg

20140106-014824 pm.jpg

20140106-014837 pm.jpg

20140106-014844 pm.jpgAs you might be able to see from the last two screenshots, you can see how far away your lift is while you wait. I enjoy those kinds of features for some reason.