Give and receive at the same time

Located behind Princes Street is a coffee shop that not only is different to most – it also makes a difference.

Social Bite donates all of its profits to social welfare charities, e.g. to Shelter Scotland as seen in the picture above! One of Social Bite’s goals is to employ former homeless people in their shops.


 As you probably can’t read from the sign on the window in the picture below Social Bite furthermore offers suspended coffee which in itself is a beautiful concept.

Social Bite’s motto is “Good Food for a Good Cause” which I would definitely say they are doing a better job of achieving than your standard coffee shop chains (then again, my first post on this blog mentions how I feel about those). Another Social Bite recently opened in Glasgow and there is another one in Shandwick Place! You really don’t have an excuse not to check it out.

Social Bite
131 Rose Street, EH2 4JN

An advertising style that works on chumps like me

I missed out on something during this years Edinburgh festival. Actually I probably missed out on lots of things since there was so much going on but that’s not the point of this post. I missed out on Barry! I think the Barry I missed out on is the Barry Experience. Here are the two shows that had the word Barry in the title:



The reason I’m interested in Barry is that he was plastered all over Edinburgh! Here are all the instances I managed to find (with some help from my sister):

I would really like to know if the show was as self-depricating as the advertising for it makes it seem. I guess I’ll never know…

Sweet deals on food

I’m an avid fan of spicy food. I also like a good cocktail. Anyone who has lived with me can vouch for those two statements. Another thing I definitely can’t complain about is a bargain. Combine all these and you can understand why The Candy Bar appeals to me.

I cannot remember what the inside decor looks like. I seem to remember that it’s not nearly as green as outside. Our meal consisted of shared starters (the non-obvious one is breaded mushrooms)

After this we had (slightly delayed due to festival madness) our lunches – there was a choice between fajitas and chill con carne. I went for the latter. With it I had a Cherry Coke which is a bourbon-based cocktail with coke and cherry liquor (their entire cocktail menu can be found here).

I mean, this could have been a cheaper meal if we had skipped the starters and the cocktail (it cost more than the food!). Either way it was a delicious and filling meal that didn’t break the bank.

The Candy Bar
113-115 George St, Edinburgh

Every now and then you just need your mum

Sometimes I really feel like eating a pie – and by sometimes I mean on average once a week. I blame this on having a palate which enjoys pastry.  I used to go to a place called Monster Mash on Forrest Road to alleviate these cravings. Now I go to a place called MUMS Comfort Food also on Forrest Road. I seem to remember both Monster Mash and MUMS being there at the same time, so I thought I’d Google them both to find out whether I was right and if so what happened since only one is left.

Here’s the initial thing I found out: Yes, there were two pie cafés on the same street. So it turns out MUMS survived while Monster Mash is no more. This bodes well for my recollection skills. Since I am rather childish I imagined a that there had been a huge bust up (alternatively read this as food fight, if your sense of humour is as awful as mine) between Monster Mash and MUMS but the truth is actually slightly more interesting (here is a link).

This is the second thing I discovered (via the link provided): MUMS is apparently the original Monster Mash and the other Monster Mash that used to be on Forrest Road was a copy. Blimey! Now I feel bad for going to the faux Monster Mash in the first place.

Getting back to the topic of location, I should mention that Forrest Road is in close proximity to Bristo Square. In August this is where the Underbelly and Guilded Balloon box offices are located, which explains why I have quite a few meals close to this particular part of Edinburgh.  Here is a picture of a delicious one from MUMS:

MUMS Comfort Food
4A Forrest Road, Edinburgh

Everybody wants to sit in the shark cave

I stumbled upon this place after giving blood. I felt slightly woozy so I figured  a cuppa would help! I try to avoid coffee shop chains as they look the same wherever you go. I found the following:

I want to write something about the shark cave followed by an exclamation mark but as the title for this post includes the words ‘shark cave’, I leave you with the following:

It even has a banker’s lamp! If I had not fallen in love with the place already that would have stolen my heart. A few chapters into my book, I had finished my tea and a small boy poked his head in the cave indicating that my turn was over.

21 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh.