Quick fix solution

Yesterday I went to my good friend Monika’s house warming. I was in the middle of getting ready when I suddenly realised that a string had come undone on one of the shoulders! My mother helped me get out of the frock without losing any sequins (Wonder Woman) and then helped secure them with a needle and thread. She then suggested I spray both shoulders with hairspray in an attempt to keep everything in place until today where I have the time to do damage control.

This left me just enough time to get back in the dress, remove the chipped remains of my nail polish and scoot out the front door.

What I wore for ‘galla’

Where ‘galla’ is how Danes refer to a ball, in this case my department’s university ball.

Dress: Boohoo (Natasha Sleeveless Organza Netted Dress, £30 – bought on sale for £15)
Bag: H&M Divided (DKK 129)
Shoes: H&M Divided (DKK 99)
White top*: H&M Divided (DKK 49,95)
Not pictured: my nails, which were painted with Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Papaya (£3.99).

I am not a very prom-esque person which is why I do not break the bank for the occasion: I figure I can use the satchel for other outfits, as I have a weakness for satchel bags; the dress will come in handy should I get invited to any summer weddings but can also be used for everyday; the shoes are very comfy so wearing them again will not be a problem.

*upon which bags and shoes were resting in pictures. Its purpose is to go under the dress as the top is a tad see-through.