Copenhagen Dining Week

Last weekend my sister and I went to Copenhagen Dining Week. It’s a festival celebrating food sponsored by San Pellegrino and a food magazine called Copenhagen Food. For a set price you get a set menu at one of the participating restaurants. Obviously, the popular ones sell out pretty much immediately. We chose The Italian as some of the other places had bizarre items on the menu.

We booked a table for lunch. The set menu for the Italian was a three-course deal. The first course was a grilled tuna steak with an avocado cream. It’s hiding underneath the fennel in the picture but it was in no way overshadowed by the other elements of the meal. They complemented each other well.

The main course was veal sirloin on a bed of potato compote and supported by roast boretta onions, tomatoes and a marsala-based sauce.

The dessert course consisted of a passionfruit tart with Italian meringue on top, mascarpone sorbet and caramelised white chocolate. One of my theories is that you can make everything more delicious by adding cheese (the right type of cheese, mind) which is also the case for ice cream! The tart had the perfect amount of smoothness.

My sister and I agreed that we would definitely go there again. If not for next year’s Dining Week then before.

The Italian
Vester Voldgade 25, 1552 København V

New under the sun

Since the weather has been so lovely in Copenhagen recently, I’ve been to the pharmacy and stocked up on sun protection:

I bought a new facial suncream from La Roche-Posay (SPF50) since I gave what was left of my other one to my dad (I believe). I use Vichy Capital Soleil (SPF30) as a body suncream so I bought a sunstick from Vichy (SPF50) for top ups. Thus far I’ve mainly used it as a lip balm. Speaking of lip balms, I am running out on the Avène lip balm my boyfriend let me borrow (his version)/let me have (my version). It has got to the point where I am scooping the remains out of the bottom of the tube.

Avène is a brand I used to stop my AD flaring up on a holiday once, on recommendation from a French pharmacist in the Alps in late 2008. Since their products seem to work well for my skin, I bought their Thermal Spring Water. This reminds me of Evian’s mineral water spray which my parents used to buy on summer holidays. I was a child at the time and had a habit of sneakily spraying it into my mouth in order to drink it. That is quite possibly the most expensive drink of water I have ever had (and definitely the most ridiculous)!

Getting rid of books: method two, use the library

Following the Jonah Lehrer scandal of 2012, I suddenly had some books I no longer wanted:

As I mentioned in this post, I am not the biggest fan of throwing stuff out when there are better options regarding getting rid of stuff and decluttering. This partly explains why I owned a copy of ‘The Story of Stuff’. (As a side note my friend Jing gave me ‘Cradle to Cradle’ for my birthday one year and it is such an interesting concept!)

These white boxes exist in the part of Copenhagen where my parents live. They may not look like much but here’s how they work: They are owned by the library and the idea is that you can leave unwanted books in the hopes that someone else will come by and give them a home. As we all know, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure:

Here’s a link (it’s in Danish), which gives you the following locations:

Du kan finde bogbørsen her:

  • I Ordrup (Ordrup Park ved Morescovej og Ordupvej)
  • I Jægersborg (På Ibstrup Torv for enden af Jægersborg Allé)
  • I Hellerup (på det grønne område mellem Ahlmanns Allé og Duntzfelts Allé)
  • I Vangede (ved Dan Turèlls Plads) 
  • I Dyssegård (ved Dyssegårdsskolen)

Getting rid of books: method one, go down the pub

My parents took my sister and me out to lunch (three months ago) at the Bishops Arms. The Bishops Arms is a Swedish chain of English inspired pubs. That does sound slightly odd but it is a lovely place.

As you may be able to tell it is quite a spacious venue. This is especially nice if you go there in the evening. Note the abundance of books! That speaks to my heart. On the mention of an abundance of books – and as the title suggests – I, myself, do own too many books.

One of my worst habits is buying books. Sometimes books are sold so cheaply you can buy one, read it and toss it afterwards with no harm done economically (but obviously there comes some ecological harm with that kind of behaviour). This poses the question of how to free oneself from books without the books being classified as ‘rubbish’ and disposed of. The best way of getting rid of books would obviously be in such a manner that other people have the opportunity to adopt the abandoned ones. This pub is such a place! You cannot take their books home but you can swap your own books for ones on the shelves.

So we went home, grabbed a bag of books, went back to the pub and exchanged them for two textbooks I found near the back of their library. I am my own enabler… But the swap ratio was something like 7:2, so here’s hoping I might get there eventually; there being a place with only the creme de la creme of my current book collection.

The Bishops Arms
Ny Østergade 14, 1164 København K

Post exam munchies

After an exam which ended at lunch time I happened to be in the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen and found a healthy lunch! The portion might seem large (6 or 7 different things plus houmous) but I tend to not have an appetite prior to sitting exams; nerves make me feel queasy.

It tasted (and probably was) much better than the junk I tend to fuel myself with during extreme periods of study (exam periods).

Bagels and salads
Falkoner Allé 73a, 2000 Frederiksberg