Masking traditional ways of thinking about beauty in favour of new ideas

Holy long title, Batman!

I recently decided to try something new: applying more than one face mask to my face at any one time. As may be the case for most people, different parts of my face need different types of TLC. For instance, my chin and the areas beside my eyes are very red and prone to bouts of acne, while most of my face is exceedingly dry. On top of that I suffer from AD (mine is for the most part quite manageable, thank God).

The black mask is Boots’ No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask and the beigy-grey-type one, that for some reason seems to be drying with splodges, is The Bodyshop’s Nutriganics Smoothing Mask, and yes – I know I missed a spot in front of my right ear.

After I had peeled part of my face off and washed the rest off, I turned to my bedside heroes; E45 and Sudocrem:

These creams worked wonders for my skin when I was younger, which is exactly why I keep returning to them; they still do! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Experimenting too much with products when you have a skin condition and allergies is a recipe for disaster…

During Winter (and periods with very dry skin) I can recommend Neribase, which is just a very moisturising cream without a whole bunch of strange additives. Simple as they come.

Make up storage

I understand the appeal of the acrylic make up cases, I really do; my mother has one in her bathroom. I get how it can inspire you to use other products than ‘the usuals’ since you can see everything the case contains. Thing is, I am not that keen on acrylic. I have decided to try out glass jars instead.

Given the right backdrop I think these could end up looking quite lovely.