The cheapest Rhine ferry trip

I really want to go on a ferry trip down the Rhine. Or up, I’m not that concerned with the direction. However, I want to save that experience for when my family comes to visit me. I tried the next best thing, a trip on the passenger ferry.

If anyone asks, I was just testing the waters. It’s totally not because I would’ve gone sailing on the river by any means possible. Nope, definitely not the case.

I walked across the Kennedybrücke to Beuel. That side of the river is very green compared to the Bonn side, so the walk from the bridge to the ferry was particularly pleasant.

 I boarded the Rheinnixe and paid the low price of €1.10 to get shipped safely back to the side of the river I came from. I noticed you could get a monthly pass if you were a student. I’d totally do that if I studied at Universität Bonn and lived in Beuel, what a grand way to travel to university!

If it’s possible, you should travel by public transport when you go places. It helps you get a feel of what the local life is like. I’ll be honest with you, on a Thursday in September on a passanger ferry in Bonn it mostly feels like the local life consists of mothers with small children and old men.

The weather was gorgeous so all the passangers headed straight for the deck. Obviously if it had been raining everyone would’ve opted for the dry, indoor seats beneath the deck instead. At least, I know I would.

Due to the lovely weather, the trip didn’t feel long enough. I suppose that’s what I get for going across the river on a tiny boat instead of traveling downstream (or upstream, I’m not sure which way the currents flow) on one of the sightseeing ferry tours.

After too few minutes the boat landed and I had to disembark. Later that day I saw another passenger ferry, the one that leaves from Bad Godesberg. No idea where it actually goes beyond ‘to the other side of the river’. I was on the city bus tour at the time so I regrettably haven’t gone on that one yet.

MS Rheinnixe
Intersection of Brassertufer and Erste Fährgasse (Bonn side)
Intersection of Hans-Steger-Ufer and Steinerstraße (Beuel side)

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