Tap into your generosity

You can help people in other parts of the world gain access to clean water by leaving your phone for a while. To get started, you go to the UNICEF Tap Project’s webpage on your phone. As it goes through the browser, you don’t even need to download an app first.

For every quarter of an hour your phone is kept steady, you’re doing some good. In particular 15 minutes gives a day of clean water for a child. Your phone keeps you updated with facts about other people’s progress in the Tap Project and how you are helping.

I tend to do this if I’m typing up an assignment or streaming a film through the library on my laptop, since I won’t be using my phone and can plug it in so it doesn’t lose charge during the tapping process.

When you grab your phone again, it registers movement and stops tapping. Now you can binge Netflix with less of a guilty conscience (unless you have homework, of course).

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