Bigger is not always better

I can’t always be bothered to put a full face of makeup on. If my only plans for the day are university related I sometimes opt for a few minutes extra sleep in the morning. As a result of this combined with not wearing a lot of makeup when I do wear it I don’t usually need  much more than an eye makeup remover to take it off at the end of the day.

I used to use the Sephora one on the left; it’s cheap and it works for me. I’ve recently been using the Body Shop one on the right, which seems to perform reasonably well. I wouldn’t want anything particularly bigger than either of these bottles as they’re travel sized (by which I mean they meet the liquid requirements for going in my hand luggage) and travel usually brings with it other opportunities that make me not want to cover my entire face in slap. This is not to say I don’t like wearing makeup! It just so happens that sometimes situations occur where it isn’t necessarily my top priority…

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      8. Endlich habe ich auch mal was gefunden, das man dem hund nähen kann! Allerdings bin ich skeptisch ob has dann wirkllich stabil ist!? Aber ich probiers einfach mal aus, wenn nicht dann kriegt sie's halt nur zu Hause zur deko angezogen ;)!Allerdings müsstest du mir noch verraten, wo ich denn das Material herbekomme. LG Amy

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