Sweet deals on food

I’m an avid fan of spicy food. I also like a good cocktail. Anyone who has lived with me can vouch for those two statements. Another thing I definitely can’t complain about is a bargain. Combine all these and you can understand why The Candy Bar appeals to me.

I cannot remember what the inside decor looks like. I seem to remember that it’s not nearly as green as outside. Our meal consisted of shared starters (the non-obvious one is breaded mushrooms)

After this we had (slightly delayed due to festival madness) our lunches – there was a choice between fajitas and chill con carne. I went for the latter. With it I had a Cherry Coke which is a bourbon-based cocktail with coke and cherry liquor (their entire cocktail menu can be found here).

I mean, this could have been a cheaper meal if we had skipped the starters and the cocktail (it cost more than the food!). Either way it was a delicious and filling┬ámeal that didn’t break the bank.

The Candy Bar
113-115 George St, Edinburgh

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