Every now and then you just need your mum

Sometimes I really feel like eating a pie – and by sometimes I mean on average once a week. I blame this on having a palate which enjoys pastry.  I used to go to a place called Monster Mash on Forrest Road to alleviate these cravings. Now I go to a place called MUMS Comfort Food also on Forrest Road. I seem to remember both Monster Mash and MUMS being there at the same time, so I thought I’d Google them both to find out whether I was right and if so what happened since only one is left.

Here’s the initial thing I found out: Yes, there were two pie cafés on the same street. So it turns out MUMS survived while Monster Mash is no more. This bodes well for my recollection skills. Since I am rather childish I imagined a that there had been a huge bust up (alternatively read this as food fight, if your sense of humour is as awful as mine) between Monster Mash and MUMS but the truth is actually slightly more interesting (here is a link).

This is the second thing I discovered (via the link provided): MUMS is apparently the original Monster Mash and the other Monster Mash that used to be on Forrest Road was a copy. Blimey! Now I feel bad for going to the faux Monster Mash in the first place.

Getting back to the topic of location, I should mention that Forrest Road is in close proximity to Bristo Square. In August this is where the Underbelly and Guilded Balloon box offices are located, which explains why I have quite a few meals close to this particular part of Edinburgh.  Here is a picture of a delicious one from MUMS:

MUMS Comfort Food
4A Forrest Road, Edinburgh

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