Using exams as an excuse to shop

Due to having half semesters my university grants you one or two weeks crunch time before an exam. During this final sprint pretty much the only thing I buy is food. Since I’ve been a post graduate student I’ve bought myself a small ‘pat-on-the-back’ present after each round of exams. Last time I purchased two products to help get through future exams: tea tree oil for the stress induced breakouts I get all over my face and Peace of mind because Meg made it sound amazing.

This time in order to celebrate having finished another year at university I bought a lip balm – at least that was half of the explanation. The other excuse I’m using is the fact that I have used up two lip balms recently.

As an aside, how on earth do beauty gurus keep their products looking so nice? Mine always look haggard when I’m done using them.

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