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Here’s what I have going for me on the eyeshadow front at the moment: All but three of the shades from Sleek’s iDivine palette in Storm (right), the entirety of the no7 Stay Perfect eyeshadow trio in Cappuccino (top left), Maybelline Eyestudio’s Mono Eyeshadow in the colour Chocolate Chic (rectangular) and two colours from an old no7 palette – the Lisa Eldridge one which resembles the Senna Haute Nudes palettes – or maybe it’s the other way around – (bottom left). It may not be this little baby from the popular Naked line but it’s good enough for me.

Above is the remains of the no7 palette in question. Please excuse the fact that there is eyeshadow in the lip glosses of this palette (I don’t use them, so I figure it’s fine). I’m not getting rid of this just yet as I quite like the blush and highlighter.

Here’s what happened: I grabbed my newly acquired UNII palette, a hairdryer and the eyeshadows mentioned and deported everything I wanted to move. The UNII palette is a so called ‘freedom’ palette which is an awfully strong word to be attaching to a make up product. I opted for this instead of the equally celebrated Z palette since it has a mirror and seems sturdier. I don’t know how much decluttering this has actually helped me with and how much of it was an excuse for me to play around with melting glue but I’m enjoying the product none the less.

P.S. the Sleek shadows are the only ones which needed extra magnetic help in regards to staying put in the UNII palette.

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