Shaving like someone’s grandad

Although not any of mine, as far as I can remember. Here’s what I can remember regarding my grandfathers’ shaving habits: My maternal grandfather used an electric shaver, as did my paternal grandfather, when he wasn’t busy using a straight razor! I remember quite vividly seeing that last one, so either it’s true or I’ve had a very strange imagination as a child. I can live with both of those options.

Here’s what happened: I read this xoVain post, decided I wanted to try it, and gave it a go.

This endeavour is a paternal grandfatherly light shave, since it requires shaving soap. At the same time he didn’t shave his legs.

I feel it should be mentioned that it is in no way necessary that anyone shaves any part of their body. What people decide to do in this regard is their own choice, which should be respected. Having said that, I adore the feeling of having smooth legs.

I’ve tried pretty much every hair removal technique out there: epilating (too painful), waxing (too long a wait), hair removal cream (too chemically laden) and shaving. Since I have what we can call a Snow White look (alabaster skin and dark hair; my Celtic genes beat the Scandinavian ones) I tried IPL under my arms which didn’t work! So I stick to shaving.

I’ve decided to compare this ‘new’ method of shaving (new to me) with what I usually do:

First up, I decided to put fresh blades on both razors. This is a fairly easy procedure; click a new head on the Gillette and twist the head of the safety razor off:

The end result didn’t seem all that different but the procedure did. I went against the grain with the Gillette and with the grain with the safety razor. As far as I understand you’re supposed to go both directions with the safety razor. With this in mind it would be worth trying again doing exactly that.

2 thoughts on “Shaving like someone’s grandad”

    1. I exclusively use this thing now. I can have more days between shaves and it is so much cheaper that what I was using before (the cartridges seem to wear out quicker than the single blade for me – and cartridges are ruddy expensive). I did accidentally get a cut up the back of my thigh once but that was only because I was in a rush that day. I say give it a try! :D

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