German taxi app

I went to Berlin for NYE 2013. We stayed in the Schöneberg part, close to Nollendorfplatz which I would definitely recommend. Ultimately, there came a time when we had to head back to Denmark – this always happens at the end of a holiday – and as such, we had to book a cab. I had contemplating calling a company and ordering a car for the next morning but having smartphones and all, I downloaded an app instead:

20140106-014806 pm.jpg

As you can see, the app is called In theory (or at least, according to the developers) this app should also work in Copenhagen. I am probably not going to test that out because taxis are – as are most other things – very expensive here. The concept is simple, the app locates where you are and you order a taxi:

20140106-014814 pm.jpg

20140106-014824 pm.jpg

20140106-014837 pm.jpg

20140106-014844 pm.jpgAs you might be able to see from the last two screenshots, you can see how far away your lift is while you wait. I enjoy those kinds of features for some reason.

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