On the go beauty: no7 lash and brow pro

I am constantly on the look out for products and tools that will enable me to get more sleep. I am also seeking out products that do not take up too much space, as I already have to lug a lot of stuff around with me (pads, pens, laptop, textbooks, purse, planner etc.) on a daily basis. With this in mind I was happy to discover the no7 lash and brow pro. I can get away with a subpar mascara application* with this bad boy:

I should mention that I used to have a plastic lash comb but it got moved from bag to bag one too many times and the bristles broke. This one seems not only more durable but also has increased protection, what with the folding it into itself.

I have yet to use the brow spoolie but I figure it will be there when I need it. One less thing to pack and/or think about.

*you know,those freaky spider lashes that occur when you put on too much product at once.

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