Getting rid of books: method one, go down the pub

My parents took my sister and me out to lunch (three months ago) at the Bishops Arms. The Bishops Arms is a Swedish chain of English inspired pubs. That does sound slightly odd but it is a lovely place.

As you may be able to tell it is quite a spacious venue. This is especially nice if you go there in the evening. Note the abundance of books! That speaks to my heart. On the mention of an abundance of books – and as the title suggests – I, myself, do own too many books.

One of my worst habits is buying books. Sometimes books are sold so cheaply you can buy one, read it and toss it afterwards with no harm done economically (but obviously there comes some ecological harm with that kind of behaviour). This poses the question of how to free oneself from books without the books being classified as ‘rubbish’ and disposed of. The best way of getting rid of books would obviously be in such a manner that other people have the opportunity to adopt the abandoned ones. This pub is such a place! You cannot take their books home but you can swap your own books for ones on the shelves.

So we went home, grabbed a bag of books, went back to the pub and exchanged them for two textbooks I found near the back of their library. I am my own enabler… But the swap ratio was something like 7:2, so here’s hoping I might get there eventually; there being a place with only the creme de la creme of my current book collection.

The Bishops Arms
Ny Østergade 14, 1164 København K

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