What I wore for ‘galla’

Where ‘galla’ is how Danes refer to a ball, in this case my department’s university ball.

Dress: Boohoo (Natasha Sleeveless Organza Netted Dress, £30 – bought on sale for £15)
Bag: H&M Divided (DKK 129)
Shoes: H&M Divided (DKK 99)
White top*: H&M Divided (DKK 49,95)
Not pictured: my nails, which were painted with Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Papaya (£3.99).

I am not a very prom-esque person which is why I do not break the bank for the occasion: I figure I can use the satchel for other outfits, as I have a weakness for satchel bags; the dress will come in handy should I get invited to any summer weddings but can also be used for everyday; the shoes are very comfy so wearing them again will not be a problem.

*upon which bags and shoes were resting in pictures. Its purpose is to go under the dress as the top is a tad see-through.

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