Everybody wants to sit in the shark cave

I stumbled upon this place after giving blood. I felt slightly woozy so I figured  a cuppa would help! I try to avoid coffee shop chains as they look the same wherever you go. I found the following:

I want to write something about the shark cave followed by an exclamation mark but as the title for this post includes the words ‘shark cave’, I leave you with the following:

It even has a banker’s lamp! If I had not fallen in love with the place already that would have stolen my heart. A few chapters into my book, I had finished my tea and a small boy poked his head in the cave indicating that my turn was over.

21 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh.

3 thoughts on “Everybody wants to sit in the shark cave”

  1. Det ser så hyggeligt ud! Jeg er helt vild med te-stellet – hvis jeg kendte sådan et sted ville jeg komme der hele tiden!

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